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10 key areas of focus – all where instant benefits and long-term strategic value can be created

Data is at the heart of every corner of enterprise, and we offer a range of services to unlock the insights it offers & leverage business performance:

  • End-to-End performance management programs that help you identify, focus on, and measure key levers

  • Data Pipelines that automate data preparation, releasing valuable resources

  • Report and Dashboard design to pinpoint significant information and cut through the noise

  • Instill accountability and cadence for continuous improvement and maintenance of the business intelligence platform

  • Training and support to develop in-house skills, mitigating against continued dependency on 3rd parties.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Inventory Management

  • Cashflow analysis

  • Routine performance flash reports such as daily, weekly & monthly trading reports

  • Product & channel profitability analysis

We offer a wide range of services that will support the delivery of a more effective, profitable and efficient business.

  • Strategic & tactical programmes

  • GNFR cost reduction strategies

  • Cost reduction through dynamic sourcing tools

  • Sourcing structure with value chain optimisation

  • Procurement & demand planning structures

  • Scope cost down programmes covering direct and indirect areas of spend

  • Review of contracts and supplier payment terms

  • Commercial and procurement capabilities review

  • Review the market structure and end-to-end supply-chain processes

  • Supplier base review & cost reduction

We offer a wide range of services that will support the delivery of a more effective & profitable business.

  • Cost analysis & benchmarking

  • Central cost reduction programmes

  • Rent & rates negotiations

  • Structural proposals generated

  • MHE cost reduction strategies

We offer a wide range of services that will help you optimise your Supply Chain.

  • Inventory reduction programmes

  • S&OP process implementation

  • Optimised supply routes

  • Inventory metrics establishment

  • Quick response (QR) strategies

  • Agile mindset development

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) & Collaborative Planning

From conceptualization to execution, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your online presence and drive measurable results. Our approach is data-driven and customer-centric, ensuring that every initiative is tailored to engage your target audience and enhance your digital footprint.

  • Strategy and proposition development

  • e-Commerce performance reporting

  • Website audit and conversion optimization

  • Email, paid digital and affiliate marketing

  • Social, influencer and viral marketing

We offer a wide range of services to ensure acquisition benefits are realised.

  • Financial and commercial due diligence

  • IM generation and analysis

  • Finance options proposal

  • Carve out & integration/separation

  • Synergy benefit delivery

We offer a wide range of services that will support the delivery of a more effective & profitable business.

  • Customer profitability review & dashboard modelling

  • Trade & terms optimisation

  • Price elasticity

  • Price positioning

We offer a wide range of services that will support the delivery of a more effective & profitable business.

  • Inventory control programs (optimal commercial & operational liquidation)

  • Operational review

  • Best in class benchmarking

  • Process improvement

  • Structural solutions

  • Productivity & efficiency improvements

  • Lean & Sigma

Many businesses can explain their strategy but what often differentiates a very good business is it’s ability to execute that strategy. ATP has the expertise not only to challenge & confirm strategic direction, but also a record of being the “go to team” when existing management & strategy has failed.

  • Core competency review

  • Market & competitor analysis

  • Strategic plan generation

  • Financial objectives advised

  • Monitoring of success milestones

We offer a wide range of services that will support the delivery of improved company cashflow.

  • Creditor improvement programmes

  • Debtor improvement programmes

  • RE-Fi benchmarking

  • Headroom management

  • Credit Improvement services

Our values

We are hands on and ultra responsive

We pride ourselves on being professional, committed partners for all businesses that are our clients.

Every action we take has the best interests and best possible outcome for our clients in mind, meaning you can rest assured knowing that ATP is doing all it can to deliver a positive change for your business.

Our approach


We act with honesty & transparency and put our client's business interests at the forefront of what we do.


We strive for the highest standards of performance in everything we do, from strategy to execution.


We measure our success by the positive outcomes we deliver for our clients.


We aim to build long term relationships with our clients, where they have absolute confidence in ATP.


We always look to challenge the status quo, so we can deliver your desired results, faster.

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